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Free recording software

Recording yourself at home doesn't have to be expensive. Don't get me wrong, it can get pricey when you start choosing higher quality equipment, but until you know what your goals are you can get started with a simple USB mic and FREE software!


If you are using a MAC computer, it may already have GARAGE BAND installed. This is a free software that is a great tool for multi-track recording (you would want this capability if you are recording yourself singing over music, or adding in sound effects behind your narrations.)


If you are using a PC, the AUDACITY program is excellent for multi-track recording. This can be downloaded here:

Audacity also works on Mac.

If you have a Chromebook, sometimes Audacity wont work on it and you may need to use the free single-track recording software which is hosted online, Called "Twisted Wave." This doesn't require you to download any software, you can record yourself right into your browser!

Once you have selected and downloaded your software, these will be the things that you need to understand and navigate:

INPUT - This is The microphone that you are using, and the "input" is the pathway telling the computer where you want it to pick up sound from.

OUTPUT - This is the speaker or headphone that you want to hear the sound from as you are recording. This is how you tell the computer where to send the sound from the program.

IMPORT - This is generally under the "File" menu, and it is the way that you bring an audio file like an Instrumental track into the session so that you can sing over it.

EXPORT - This is how you combine all of the recordings that you have done in the session, all playing together at once into an MP3 or WAV file. (In Garage Band, this is found under the "Share" menu.

TRACKS - Each recording or layer of your voice/sound is recording onto individual tracks. You will need to CREATE A NEW mono AUDIO track to start recording your voice.

Generally, on most recording software you will see a round red recording button, and if you have created a new audio track, and that track is selected, you can start recording yourself!

This is an over simplified explanation, but it is a start and hopefully inspires you to begin your recording journey!

I'm here for help and am also available to teach you how to navigate the software, as well as to offer advice on performance technique and more! Schedule a 15 minute call with me to see if we are a match for coaching!

Click here for a free downloadable checklist for setting up your first home studio:

And check out my Amazon Shop for some of my favorite starter microphones!

Happy recording!



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